The Hoist House

Built in 1942, the hoist building contained the mine hoist machine, including the giant metal drums for the wires, and a motor generator set. The house was blown up during a commando raid in January 1943, but was rebuilt. Unfortunately all the machinery was removed as the mining area was cleared in the 70s.

A renting agreement has been made between Sunnhordland Museum and Stord Council. The house is at the disposal of the FOM.

Our Plans for the Hoist Building:
* The basement will be used as a magazine / store room / workshop.
* The ground floor will contain a display of large mine equipment, like horse-drawn carriages, hauling sledges, work benches and locomotives.
* An assembly hall, with room for e.g. mini concerts and lectures on the ground floor.
The generator set from Børtveit hydro power station will be displayed at the end of the ground floor.

What has been done:
* The traverse crane has been repaired. The crane has proved indispensable to all later work.
* Both floors have been cleared.
* The basement floor has been made level.
* Electric light fittings have been mounted in the basement.
* Water leakage has been stopped.
* Pallet shelves have been provided and put up to enable us to use parts of the basement as a magazine.
* The floor and walls of the ground floor were painted in February 2006.
* The mounting of the generator set from Børtveit hydro power station was finished in the spring of 2007.

Naturally, the main attraction of the building is the complete generator set from Børtveit hydro power station. Read more about the hydro power station here.