The Mine – a New Tourist Attraction!

The FOM has managed to reopen part of the old mine. Visitors may now be guided on an exciting 300 meters-long mine safari, parts of which will soon be conducted by train! During the mine stroll visitors will be told about everyday life and labour in the mine, mining technique etc. Sound effects – among them the sound of miners talking in the distance, dynamite blasts, the clang of hammer and lever – will give the visitors a vivid impression of what life would be like inside the dark mountain.

During the guided walk visitors will be given lectures about everyday work in the mine, mining technique etc. Sound effects – among them the sound of workers talking in the distance, dynamite blasts, hammer blows and the ringing of levers – will give people a vivid impression of what life in the drifts was like.

Safety must come first, and all visitors will be equipped with helmet and head light. No one walks without a guide, who is in continual radio contact with guards outside.

What has been done so far

* Rope lights for work lamps have been hung up in the drifts in question.
* A drift stability assessment was made by a geologist engineer in August 2006.
* Both mine entrances have been reopened. Furthermore, the old superstructure behind the carpenters’ shop and a lot of debris have been removed.
* Loose rock above the main entrance has been blown away and hauled off, so that the main mine portal has been moved 10 meters farther in.
* A new mine portal has been made in concrete, completed August 31. 2007.
* The drifts have been drained, sludge has been hosed away, the ditches have been reopened and trash removed.
* The floors of the drifts open to the public have been given a comfortable layer of new gravel.
* A new track has been laid 80 meters into the main drift.
* The remaining electrical cables are to be laid and distribution boxes mounted, to enable the dismounting of temporary electrical equipment.
* A sound equipment of microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers has been received as a gift.
* Safety equipment as air sampler, fences, sign plates and luminous exit signs have been provided.

Remaining work
* Tunnel safety measures, mainly roof clearing, drilling and riveting.
* Electrical wiring, distribution box mounting.
* The mounting of light fixtures.
* Establishing air quality. Ventilation is expected to be more than adequate.
* Blocking side drifts, mounting information and exit signs.
* Another 30 meters of railway track is to be laid in the main drift.