The Tower

Like a white-painted obelisk, rising high above the ground and visible for kilometers around, the shaft tower stands proudly in the middle of the mining area. The buildings around the tower – the ore crusher building with the round tipper and the empty-wagon shed – were all demolished in the 1970s. Fortunately the tower itself was left standing. The tower is a grand memorial of the mining at Litlabø. The shaft hoist was the very main thread of life at the mine, carrying up or down everything that was going out of or into the lower levels of the mine. Workmen were hoisted down and up, tools and materials were carried down, and last but not least: all extracted rock – ore-bearing chunks as well as worthless stone – was transported up by the hoist and tipped in a building additional to the tower.

The original shaft tower at Litlabø was a wooden one, erected in 1910. Quite early it proved too small, and the present tower was made in concrete and dates back to 1928. The date of the year adorns the front wall almost at the top.

The FOM has installed a new tower door, thus making access possible. Inside the tower there are four levels or floors. The view from the topmost floor is likely to impress visitors. The floor there is wide enough to give room to establish a small café. The café will be named Café 1928, and here guests will be served tower cakes and be given diplomas. A baker has been given the challenge of designing a special tower cake, unlike any cake bought anywhere else.

At a lower level we find the two time-honoured hoist cages that transported all labour, material and rock masses. They serve as a reminder of the original function of the tower.

All levels will be safeguarded by wire barriers that allow a good view of the shaft.

What has been done:
*A new door giving access from the outside to level 2 has been installed.
* An old hoist cage, which in its time served as a reserve, has been removed.
* Rubbish has been cleared.

*The outside walls are painted.

*New windows are installed.

*New floors are laid at all levels

* An aluminum staircase with banisters has been received as a gift. The staircase is  mounted inside the tower to make passage between levels.

* Wire barriers are  mounted around the shaft at all levels.

* Electrical wires areproviding electricity for light.


The tower as seen from the inside.

The two hoist cages.